EAT: Executive Lunch Set in Lucky Cuisine, only RM11.90

May 22, 2017

What is the question you ask or being asked the most all the time?

"What to eat for lunch?"
Am sure this happened to everyone and you'll get this at least once a day.

Well, there's great news for people in Kota Damansara, Lucky Cuisine just launched their extremely affordable Executive Lunch Set at only RM11.90 nett.
Better still they have 15 sets to choose from, literally lunch of 3 work week without repeating a meal. yay!

I had great dining experience here before, when a quality restaurant launches such an affordable lunch set, the feeling is like appearance of angel when you are having tough times. LOL drama

Without further ado, let's dig in and try all their lunch sets.

Authentically SiChuan and Spicy

Spicy Diced Chicken Rice (辣子鸡丁饭)

Chong Qing Watery Chicken Rice (重庆口水鸡饭)

SiChuan Style Spicy Chicken Rice (川味椒麻鸡饭)

Mapo Bean Curd Rice (麻婆豆腐饭)

Beef Options

Beef Rice with Mixed Vegetables (罗汉笋烩牛饭)

 Beef and Potato Rice (土豆炖牛肉饭)

Yuan Bao Meat Ball Rice (元宝狮子饭)

Non Spicy

They are so thoughtful to have options for diners that can't take spicy, especially kids.

Diced Chicken Rice with Cashew Nut (腰果鸡丁饭)

Fish & Meat Slice Rice (鱼香肉丝饭)

Fragrant Chicken Rice (香味香油鸡饭)

Minced Pork Rice (卤肉饭)

Spare Rib Rice (排骨饭)

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice (咕噜肉饭)

Or you are not that adventurous on some day and just want to settle for ordinary fried rice.
Well I would say their fried rice is not ordinary at all, even it sounds and looks ordinary, it is very flavorful.

Fried Rice with Sliced Pork & Egg (肉丝蛋炒饭)

Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat & Egg (午餐肉蛋炒饭)
Photo credit to FoodiLIFEcious, I missed this out cause both fried rice are so twinning.

The portion of these executive set lunch is so generous, not only the dishes are at real main course size, (unlike some of the restaurant nowadays only serve main course at the size of side dish, if you get what I mean), the rice portion is huge as well, topped with sunny side-up, plus a drink and a soup. 
Apparently they are not serving normal set lunch soup here, this is their famous in-house SiChuan steamboat soup base - Half Spicy & Half Non Spicy Soup (鸳鸯八卦锅). 

💯 to the owner because they are not just serving you soup for the sake of set lunch only. Finally there's some quality and really worthy set lunch around.

Last but not least, this Executive Set Lunch is available every Tuesday to Friday, 11am - 3pm


Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理
No. 19, Jalan PJU 5/12,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
(Closed on Monday)


Tel: 03-61407755/ 013-369 2621

** Special thanks to Racheal Loh from Foodilifecious and owner of Lucky Cuisine Restaurant, Ivan for having us to sample their all new Executive Lunch Set menu.

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  1. so many mouthwatering food. I wish I can go there.

  2. love the cuisine! it's very affordable as well. :)