EAT X GIVEAWAY: Sichuan Lucky Cuisine Restaurant @ Kota Damansara

March 20, 2017

sichuan hot pot

No one can ignore the facade of this authentic Sichuan restaurant, not to mention it's strategic location in Kota Damansara, along the main road just across Encorp Strand Mall, it is super easy to locate!

kota damansara restaurant shoplot

This restaurant has been operating for 10 years now, and being a frequent visitor of Kota Damansara myself, I regrettably admit that I never tried their food, how shameful is that!

I was lucky enough to be able to try out their authentic Sichuan steamboat together with FoodilifeciousKathy and Carmen.

I am a big fan of steamboat, I know how miserable it is when I always failed to enjoy steamboat with a big group of friends, it means I can only try limited food on the menu. This meal totally satisfied my cravings for steamboat due to rain pour for the past one week.

indoor oriental restaurant malaysia

chinese round table bamboo painting ambiance

The restaurant is very well decorated with imported furniture from China itself, with a touch of oriental decorations such as painting and vases. They have private dining room if you are looking for a more private dining experiences.

Without further ado, let's dig in!

sichuan steamboat spicy
Half Spicy & Half Non Spicy Soup (鸳鸯八卦锅), RM22 // Authentic Sichuan Soup (正宗四川麻辣锅), RM28
Apparently the clear soup base is Half Spicy & Half Non Spicy Soup, it is a mixture of all the other 7 clear soup base, consist of Seafood Soup (海鲜火锅), Chinese Herbal Soup (药材滋补汤), Pickled Cabbage Fish Soup (酸菜鱼), Pork Bone Soup (猪骨清汤), Pork Herbal Soup (猪骨养生汤), Bamboo Fungus Chicken Soup (竹笙鸡汤火锅) and Mushroom Chicken Soup (野生菌锅).
This is recommended if you can't make up your mind on which clear soup to settle with.

sichuan cuisine
Hunan Bacon (湖南腊肉), RM16

This definitely took us by surprise, our first guess was smoked duck, but turned out this is Chinese version of bacon, imported from China.

chinese cuisine steamboat
Lamb Slice (入口羊肉片), RM16

I like my lamb thinly slice, this one here is at its perfect thickness for steamboat. Both lamb and beef slice are imported from Argentina and Brazil respectively.

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Beef Slice (入口肥牛), RM16

Paper-thin sliced beef about to go down to the hot pot.

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Tender Beef Slice (嫩滑牛肉片), RM12

sichuan steamboat malaysia
 Spicy Beef Slice (麻辣牛肉), RM12

The Spicy Beef Slice are the marinated version of Tender Beef Slice, with premium oil and herbs.

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Pork Belly (五花肉), RM10

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Chicken Slice (鸡肉片), RM10

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Dory Fish (小白鱼), RM12

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Sea Cucumber (海参), RM18.80

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Bamboo Fungus (竹笙), RM12

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Dumpling (水饺), RM8

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Scallop (扇贝), RM15

sichuan steamboat malaysia
Some special ingredients: Pork Tripe (猪肚), RM10 // Spinach (菠菜), RM6 // Watercress (西洋菜), RM6 // Luncheon Meat (午餐肉), RM10 // Salmon Fish Ball (三文鱼丸), RM8

sichuan steamboat malaysia

sichuan steamboat malaysia
For stronger flavor, we can mix these four ingredients together, and dip our dishes in it.
Fermented bean curd (腐乳), parsley (香菜), garlic (大蒜), chili oil (辣椒油)

lucky cuisine restaurant malaysia
SiChuan Tea (川茶), RM12

We had this SiChuan tea as recommended by the owner. Of course it does not serve like this, we were just curious how it looks like.
I must say this tea goes very well with the meal, highly recommended!

lucky cuisine restaurant malaysia
Dessert, this is not in the menu, it's courtesy from the owner, perhaps they will include this in the menu in future?

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photo credit to Foodilifecious


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Have fun!


Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理
No. 19, Jalan PJU 5/12,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-61407755

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