EAT: Yakitori and Divine Whisky in Torii Malaysia

January 21, 2018


Torii, a Japanese-accented gastro-bar, dedicated to the twin pleasures of yakitori and divine whisky. Torii also one of the award winning restaurant in The Time Out Kuala Lumpur Food Awards 2014.
Located in Plaza Batai, the iconic commercial centre, right in the heart of Damansara Heights.



The vibe of the Japanese-accented gastro-bar is elevated by the Japanese mural art in the restaurant and array of Japanese whiskey and sake at the bar counter.


1. Mozzarella Cheese Salad, RM26

The plate of greens is full of my favorite rocket salad leaves, apple and strawberry cubes to soften the taste of harsh greens, along with some mozzarella cheese cubes, perfect to open up the appetite.


2. Caesar Salad, RM28


3. Broiled Lobster Chowder and Crab Croutons, RM28

Albeit this bowl is small, but it compact with all the goodness and really warm your tummy.



1. Wagyu Slider, RM29

The bite size burger, perfect comfort food while you are enjoying beer or whisky with your friends.


2. Avocado De La Mer, RM29

I was enjoying this on a rainy night, so can you imagine how much I appreciate this piping hot food, with baked seafood, avocado and mushroom underneath.


3. Bonded Unagi and Foie Gras, RM35

My first take on foie gras, so soft and complement so well with unagi. Needless to say, this is my favourite among all.


Skewers and Rolled Sushi

1. Rack of Lamb, RM19

Do not bother to eat this with any utensils, pick it up with your hand and your beer with the other, nobody gonna judge you.


2. Spider, RM26

Deep fried soft shell crab, topped with diced cucumber, avocado, white sesame and mayo.


3. Rock Lobster skewer, RM12
4. Charred Maguro Kabuki rolled sushi, RM19


Wheat and Grains

1. Stone Bowl Rice, RM45

Accidentally have my friend's hand and camera in the frame, but I think it looks nice somehow on a different perspective, what do you think?


2. Mentaiko Pasta, RM25

Spaghetti with creamy fish roe, seaweed and herbs.



1. Green Tea Creme Brulee + Whisky N Raisin Ice Cream, RM24

Torii's signature dessert, a twist to the classic creme brulee with green tea flavor, served with whisky and raisin ice cream on the side.


Even when it's full house, it's not very noisy, so some quality times with your favourite people is guaranteed.
I need to try some Japanese whiskies on my next return.

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Connect with Torii Malaysia

8, Jalan Batai,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11:30am - 2:30pm; 5:00pm - 1:00am
Saturday - Sunday: 5:00pm - 1:00am

Tel: 03-2011 3798 / 019-203 7093

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